Session 10

After the journey through the forest and the cavern of the orange crystal vines, Shoren takes flight as a bird and scouted out the area. After a short flight Shoren was back with news of fire and an attack on the Great Crossing. With the news the group makes haste to the great crossing fearing Shoren had seen trolls. A local member of the military help with removing Jaramo from the hands of the group, taking him into custody. Penny and Lucian play a ruse to get travel to the town of Allview from Gullcrest. Penny plays Lucians ward. Penny causes some trouble but is quickly saved by Lucian before things get too out of hand. Keeping camp with Sir Agnor and his group, through some eavesdropping, penny learns of an item that is to be delivered to some noble upon arrival. Shoren and Lucian start a “bragging contest” to loosen the tongues of the traveling soldiers to try to find out the location of this “prize”. Shoren again becomes a weasel and hid a box from the marching soldiers. After a little trouble Penny and crew find themselves captured and are interrogated about who they are. Lucian gets thrown into prison and Shoren and Penny come to the rescue with some fast lock-picking and a timely cloud of fog.



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