Session 6

Fresh from the rejoice of having Shoren returned to life, the party decided that Shoren was still not fresh enough. They coerced the reluctant man back to Penny’s house where they could gather and heat water and give the hobo a back-alley-scrubbing. Rest was had and they awoke the next day, eager to sell their cursed magical sword.
They arrived at the Golden Griffon and took a seat at the bar to await their contact. Finally Bart came in and took a seat at a table behind a low wall, after making eye contact with Penny.
Penny walked over with Visili, which gave an edge of distrust to the whole scene, since the man had been expecting her and Lucian. Penny made with the assurances and kindness while Visili played the guard hound and let it be known that no funny business would be tolerated. None was brought though and they got their thorough instructions with a price all agreed on.
At the bar, Shoren had requested some raw meat to boost his strength and stamina and was gnawing at it tenaciously. Suddenly Lucian was given a terrible cause for alarm, as Shoren complained about feeling a bit odd, then seemed to transform into and actual hound and run out the tavern doors.
Lucian gave quick pursuit, followed by Penny and Visili, and followed him to a meat and fish vendor where the dog was begging for scraps. Lucian picked him up and tried to tell everyone what he’d seen, but Penny, who’d missed the display, insisted that he was already drunk and couldn’t handle his ale at all.
Visili took the mutt and sat him on the ground and tried to address him. The dog responded with a unified bark and waggle. After trying to command the dog, it promptly took leave of it’s waste and nearly attracted undo attention from some passing crestmen.
Then some other stuff. They returned the messages to the Messenger’s office and received payment.
Then it was time to meet with Ogo the Blind. I would try to retell the details of this meeting, but I have not the bardic skills in script to truly convey the sheer terror and confusion brought on by the decision to sell an artifact through this channel.
Meanwhile, Visili and Shoren waited at the Kneeling Cockatrice with their companion’s weapons and found the atmosphere to be quite lighthearted and gay. The friendly looks from the patronage started to make Visili uneasy though, and the group became a foursome again, in time to escort the paladin away from doing something dangerous and regrettable.
The best course of action, now that the loose ends in the city were dealt with, was to supply themselves and head out on the northwestern road toward the great crossing.
The next day, they purchased some potent antitoxin’s and salves from Paltina Rollatta at the Silver Vial, thanks to Shoren’s friendly nature and knowledge. Some other odds and ends were acquired and horses were found to be far too expensive. Finally the group left with plenty of morning and daylight ahead of them.
Hunting proved tricky on the road. A most forgettable rabbit soup was consumed. Three days proved tedious and weary for the city slickers, with often only Visili’s courageous words to hold them together. But finally, as the last light of day shone orange on the clouds, they approached the sizable camp at the great crossing.
Shoren immediately went to scout the area and overhear any pertinent news, in mutt form, while the group set up a shoddy camp on the edge of the community.
Shoren found some dog lovers and a bit of hearsay, but eventually overheard some familiar names in a conversation. He sneakily changed to human form and charmed the group with some salt-of-the-earth banter. After offering a guilder or two, the men agreed to let him and his friends share in their stew pot, and move closer to the festivities.
No longer feeling like outsiders, the party slept in more comfortable surrounding that night, as well as finding some important leads about Sir Agnorr and his men. Apparently, he arrived 5 days ago, coming from the west. He was met at night, by a dark cloaked individual and both the Silver Guards and the stranger were gone before most awoke the next morning. A second hand witness claims that they supposedly headed north, off the road.



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