Session 1
"A Lost Library Book" Pt.1

On a mostly clear day, early in the Spring, in the city of Gullcrest, this happened:

Vasili decided to test his mettle at a local organized fighting competion hosted by the Rusted Hatchet tavern. After ordering some non-alcoholic ginger tonic without the coin to pay for it, he was introduced to Penny, who organized the fights and handled the bets and payouts.
Meanwhile, at Britta’s School of Wonders, Lucian was faced with an impassible problem as a book he most desired was denied to him through a book keeping discrepancy. Seeing as his sleep spell, cast with common library shelf dust on a higher skilled member of the school’s staff, failed to work, he saw fit to whine to his brother and drown his disappointment in a glass of something stiff. Alas, his brother had been let go from his performing duties days earlier.
The three relative strangers were all tending to their own concerns, when a loud argument was overheard from the other side of the front door of the Rusted Hatchet. Wolf Patterson burst in demanding the money he’d lost in a fight due to, what he accused, Penny’s deliberate rigging of fights and bets. He was followed by one he referred to as Anders and three other gentlemen, who penny believed were hired thugs with guild connections.
The result of the skirmish was one dead Anders, one manacled and furious Wolf Patterson, and three goons who left with their lives, though one with an emptier purse than he’d arrived with.
The fights went on that night with Vasili dominating the ring. Drinks were had by all except Vasili, who made many honorable attempts to convert the excited patrons to the path of the righteous. Penny made her way home, but a roaring drunk Lucian failed to navigate the paladin carrying him toward his mother’s house and ended up waking with the sun on a bench at the Temple of Trodwynn.
Lucian was insistent on finding the book he’d been denied, so the two made their way toward his school. Vasili stopped to waste a laborer’s weeks salary trying to find a messenger to hail Penny. Finally a message was sent to the Rusted Hatchet… while penny was just rising up to cook a hearty breakfast at her home.
Lucian argued with everyone he could at the house of Mystara, and nonetheless only found that representatives from the Silver Guard had come to claim the book and taken it with them. The young mage investigated and found the presence of horse tracks and boots leading up to and into the school. Curiously, the horses seem to have been led to the sidewalk cellar doors in the rear of the school. Unable to open the doors from the outside, Penny and Vasili walked around in time to see Penny coming up the way, obviously having received, and properly interpreted, her misbegotten message.


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