What a hangover!

OOOOHHHH ma’ma! I am in a state today! I feel like i died and came back to life, I think I need to take it easy on the booze for a while.
The fella’s and I went out looking for some info on Luci’s book and for a ship or crew to help take us to get some sea devils or something(not sure they are real tho), I remember going to the Green Kraken and slugging down a few Jollytowns. The next thing I know I was in the toilet changing into my “Dwarf Disguise-Togglethor Anviliron”. I tried to liven up the place but I think my “I’ll shit on your wifes chest” comment took things too far. A few of the lads came at me and from what Grimtounge has told me I sloshed a pint at the group and almost got away. They managed to get me headed to the door but through the add of my partners, I was loosed and we managed to clear out of the Kraken. After a little recovery at the Temple of Gramstone, we set off to the office of Prethnor, a ship that could take care of what we were seeking! But the office was a dead end, a blow hard of a man gave us the run around and some story of more caves under the city. Yeah everyone knows you get laundry water from the caves. So we left that place and wondered over to the docks where were rented a boat. The group figured that we could just find these caves our selves and after a little looking we did find some. Underwater. Lucian and I dove down with a rope to secure the boat and lead the rest of the guys down to us. After we had all gotten to the entrance for the cave on the dry side Grimtounge informed us of another smaller cave that we had overlooked, with no delay I dove in! “Haha, the treasure will be mine!” or so I thought. I swam through the small cave and saw something shiny. A sword! As I grab for the beauty this gnarly gross green skeleton starts coming at me. I dodge most of the attacks and land a few of my own, but when i tried to take the creatures sword and flee some how he managed to knock me out. When I came to, the group was a little shaken and told me the rest of the story, our cleric had smote the thing with a thunderous hammer blow! Still kind of out of my senses I urged the group to pressed on. With almost no delay we were set upon by 2 sea creatures, I’m not saying those drunks and the tells of sea devils are true but these things were mean! Oh yeah, there was a shark too, in a tiny cave, just waiting for some food. The men handled the beasts with relative ease. Feeding the hungry animal as they dispatched the sea creatures, I tried my best to aid the group. After all was said and done Lucian took a look at the sword I found and told me it was called “Ever-Striking” I hope it lives up to its name, and I hope I can get back home to show it off, I don’t want to be one of those sad saps that dies in a cave.

I need to get out of these soggy clothes and into my soft bed!



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