Tragedy in caves of Gullcrest

Am heartbroken. Am broken, pitiful man. It is with most sadness I say that my beloved friend, priest of Gramstinn, Grimtongue is gone forever: lost, undoubtedly searching for His Holy Anvil.

Is my fault.

Is all my fault.

Why could not convince friends to find alternate way of investigation? Could not we work with the Gullcrest constables to seek out these demons of the water? If cannot save the life of a sturdy, strong dwarf with magics beyond belief, what good is Visili? None. Further evidenced is when Little One go under for unseen treasure, she come back not breathing. Is this fate of all that surround me? What if am not strong enough to save even more? What if the guiding laws of Trodwynn are unseen to me? All will be lost, and squarely on these shoulders goes punishment. Am ready for such responsible?

After this tragedy, I feel much disconnected from Trodwynn. Am hoping he still recognize my prayer when I return to my temple. Without his guidance, am in dark. Perhaps when return, can find answer in prayer.

Besides my bungling to protection my friends, at least am prowess in the martial art. When we are attacked by water demons after bring back Penny with healing touch, are not match for The Gavel which have been gifted me by Trodwynn. Crushed by the lead head which make so mighty, they are surely afraid to attack for a while, am thinking.

My thought is maybe not so correct. Have seemed to only anger these sea beasts. After devastating one in gilled chest, they attack again in second cave, this time in greater number. After contemplation of the orders of Trodwynn, I concentrate all my thoughts on his symbol on my finger, and in my sight its golden band is surrounded by purple glow. As I speak, am feel an energy never known to me but before I find burned words on The Gavel in my quarters at temple. Am determined, and focus my holy power on the greater of the four sea beasts, one that have attacked at the cleric. Am say unto him(but somehow from my throat is not the speaking)…


…and am not remembering say it, but more someone else control my voice. What wonder! He do as voice say, and he is out from picture from then, only after the dwarf get a good smack on him. Again am compelled by outside force as am demanding other demon fight only me, and he is soon downed. The ring on hand is cold and calming, and still I see faint purple outline as am strike them down. Is beauty beyond what have ever seen. We take minute to reflect, as am amazed at the power placed in mine hand.

Am saddening to keep the writing, as it is here my good friend is fallen. Thought him the mightier of my new companions, but he is decimated by another sea devil. Why could not I be next to him? Were I at his side, could have protected, am knowing. This is a scarring memory, forevermore. Am going to destroy his enemy, and soon demon is down. Am considering Grimtongue’s beautiful beard, and his powerful hammer. It is fault of me that he is gone. Never will he be forgotten.



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