Session 7

The party headed north towards the Rockfoot rainforest. On the first night’s travel from the great crossing they found a suitable place to camp and took turns on watch. Late in the night (or early in the morning depending on your outlook) they were besieged by a force of goblins. Fortunately their numbers proved no match for the party, and as soon as light broke they continued toward the rainforest that was now distantly in sight.
They tried their best to follow a northern direction, as they had no trail to follow. They marched well into the day when they realized that something was following them. They took a defensive position just as darts whizzed out from the brush. It was a hunting party of Lizardfolk, and they had them flanked. Among their ranks was a behemoth of their breed who swung a great, spiked club, and they referred to as ‘Grazzu’.
It looked before long that the party from Gullcrest had met their match, as two had fallen and the paladin was soon to join. But alas the druid Shoren and the mighty Visili joined forces to drive the injured Grazzu off with the last standing member of his group. With the lizardfolk in retreat, Penny and Lucian were revived and the young wizard relayed to the rest what he had heard while trying to communicate with their attackers.
It seemed that the lizardfolk were convinced that they were allies of someone by the name of “Darvo” and that their friends had been “blooded” by him, but they would not be.
The party thought that Darvo might be the mysterious caped ranger that had accompanied Sir Agnorr and his men out of the camp at the Great Crossing and on this northern path. Either way it was decided by Lucian that they should follow the lizardfolk back and try to get additional information, hopefully through peaceful means.
The party followed the trail and saw an outpost ahead with two lizardfolk guards. Lucian wanted to approach and request an audience with their leader. Visili offered to accompany him but was refused, as a paladin of civilization might be seen as a threat in these feral lands. Instead, Shoren and Lucian went ahead and negotiated a peaceful word with King Halzaar.
In a large, domed, leather tent, before a large audience, Lucian described what had brought them to the forest and the mistakes that were made along the way. The leader of the Redleaf tribe seemed calm and understanding. He explained that the tribe was especially wary since the one called Darvos had come to their lands and had struck in the night and “blooded” many of their tribe. The more King Halzaar spoke, the more Lucian believed that Darvos was not the same man as the mysterious ranger they were chasing.
Additionally, he explained that the group they had fought were recovering in the tribe’s healing tent, and that Grazzu must have seemed a terror but has the mind of a child.
The party was invited back to eat and sleep within the relative safety of the makeshift village. Visili went immediately to join Shoren in aiding the recovery of the injured lizardfolk and mend his standing with the mentally stunted Grazzu.



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