Session 5

No sympathy for the Sea Devil

Penny and Lucian awoke that day to go sell the items they had recovered from the underground caves. Not wanting to be low-balled by Fizpat, they instead decided to set up a meeting with Ogo the Blind. At the Golden Griffon public house they met with Bart Manchester, who instructed them to meet back with him tomorrow in the late afternoon. After that they consulted the local jeweler to sell him their saphires. The jeweler insisted that they were actually Blue-glass of a very convincing cut. While negotiating, a seemingly crazed man, in shark skin, who looked and smelled homeless, wandered in to sell some polished sea stones.
The man identified himself as Shoren and insisted that he had met Penny and Lucian before, in his dreams, and that they would help him lay waste to the oppressors. Shoren also gave his word on the jeweler’s honor, so Penny reluctantly sold him the gems for a price that still doesn’t sit well with her.
The two, now three, made their way to the Messenger’s office, where they informed of the remains that they’d found in the caves and Shoren showed more of his less than steady grip on sanity. For some reason, the two still didn’t seem to mind the odd drifter, and they accepted the Messenger’s offer of payment for the return of the stolen letters and any other remains that they could gather.
It ocured to the group that Vasili hadn’t met with them yet, so they went to the Temple of Trodwynn, where a priest informed them that Vasili had neither eaten or left his chambers. The priest offered to try and rouse him, and when Vasili heard that his friends had come for him, he reluctantly agreed to ready himself and meet them. The priest quickly ran to prepare him some food.
The party informed the paladin of the task laid out before them, and after resisting the notion of reentering the caves, he finally agreed to lead them and that every one of them was under his sworn protection.
This would prove to be an emotionally devastating decision.
They first attempted to reenter the caves through the passage by the sea, but found it collapsed.
They then realized that they did know of one other way into the caves, hoping it would be the same structure as the one previously explored. They all crept into the basement of the House of Mystara and lowered a rope into the cavern that connected to the water pump.
Through some swimming and navigating through sounds, the party came across a waiting den of Sea Devils!
The battle was hard fought, Vasili was the first to fall, with the party facing attacks from two directions. A large, four armed Sea Devil stood toward the back of one cavern, instructing his minions. A shark was attacking those in the water, who had to hold back the beast’s razor-like maw, while several more of the Sea Devils aided the push. Finally Vasili was stabilized and the fight took a turn for the better, but not before poor Shoren had fallen to his wounds.
The party succeeded, and recovered the Messages, but Shoren lay dead.
They all mourned, but finally Penny questioned “why it had to be this way”. Just then, quick as a spark, Vasili picked up the fallen man and ordered everyone back to the rope they had descended. They hoisted him up and charged to the Temple of Trodwynn.
Visili confronted Cardinal Sampsarik, pleaded with him, tears ran down Penny’s cheeks. Finally, he nodded and asked that Shoren be moved to a nearby, secluded chamber.
The rest of the party waited in the garden, time slowed with anticipation and fears for the worst. But alas, Shoren limped out, aided by two priests.
“It’s a miracle. I’m alive!” Shoren shouted.
And that’s the story of Easter, boys and girls.
Also, Lucian found an important letter, that he pocketed, addressed to a commander of the Silver Guard c/o his school, from a mysterious someone named McGuffen.



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