Session 4

The party ventures forward in to the depths of the caves, occasionally having to send a powerful swimmer ahead to make sure that submerged sections of tunnel do indeed reemerge to pockets of air. Poking around blindly, for the most part, they weaved through the network.
Upon seeing a cavern raised well above the water level, the group swam upon the shore but were soon surprised by larger kin of the small crabs that littered the rocky floor. Grimtongue was soon overcome, as the party tried to distract from the crab’s fallen meal with devastating blows. In the end, it was too much for the body of the dwarf, who had many times saved the life of the other party members.
Other bodies were found, Messengers, that the crabs had been feeding on. They looked as though they had been killed and spent several days (at least) bloating and rotting in the seawater. Their bags were nowhere to be found in this area though.
The party took Grimtongue’s shield, to return to the temple, and continued through the caves. One chamber with a pipe running from the ceiling into the deep water, too difficult for anyone to climb. Another assending path was discovered, which grew thinner and thinner, where the group fended off some sort of gelatinous beast that emitted powerful digestive acid.
They squeezed their way through the thin path and found a small nook littered with the bones of several humans or humanoids. Among them was discovered a curious short blade. The item was retrieved and the distraught Visili insisted that they return to the surface, lest they all call these caves their mausoleum as well.
The party, sans the deceased Grimtongue, returned the dwarf’s shield to the temple, where their questions about the swords recovered on their trip were met with an answer implying that a wizard would know better their origins.
At Britta’s House of Wonders, they payed a staff member to perform the appropriate ritual to identify the exact nature of the weapons. One was a cursed item that fed on the life of the wielder to never miss it’s mark. The other identified itself as “Lash” and said it would bestow it’s abilities, resembling a nimble whip, to one attuned to it.
Visili retired in a depressed, mournful state. But Lucian went with Penny back to her small house, where they drank to Grimtongue’s honor and Penny trained with her newly acquired weapon.



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