Session 3

The party decides to leave the Rusted Hatchet, after Penny is let go, and take their business to another establishment. The Green Kraken, being an honest inn of seamen and salt of the earth types, seemed like a great place.
Grimmtongue went to seeking ship connections, as he was convinced that a mission on the high seas was in order. Lucian stuck close to Visili and both of them tried to keep their eyes open and their mouths shut. Penny imbibed and shortly seemed to disappear.
Grimmtongue found a good connection to one of the more reputable ships, through much boasting from all around. He followed the man to the ship’s dock office. Visili and Lucian followed behind the two, keeping a safe distance.
Grimtongue made good relations with the Captain of ship Prethnor, but since he dies soon, there’s no point in writing down that NPC’s name. Regardless, the Captain informs that these seem to be local troubles and seafaring seems an unnecessary route.
Meanwhile at the Green Kraken, Penny gets drunk and disguises herself as a dwarf who proceeds to graphically insult everyone and provoke a fight in which she’s quite outnumbered. The rest of the party shows up in time to see penny fall unconscious. Some magical healing is performed and the group leaves before the Crestmen show up.
After a night of rest at the temple to Gramstinn, the party rents a row boat and searches for cave entrances near where the murder victims were spotted. Eventually they find one.
They reach underground caves, Penny swims back to leave no stone unturned, awakes a skeleton, almost dies, Grimtongue saves her, Penny takes a fine enchanted sword.
They are assaulted by amphibious fish-men, but prevail.



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