Session 2

"A Lost Library Book" Pt.2

Once Penny arrived, Lucian filled her in on their dilemma. Penny assuredly offered to get the cellar doors open but found that the lock was located on the inside.
It was then that a dwarf showed up and informed the group that this was not the entrance to the nearest tavern. Then there was some engaging of the School’s Headmaster, while the two holy men, Vasili and Grimtongue, spoke of mutual affairs. Penny did a thorough and secretive search of the Headmaster’s pockets but found no secret cellar key.
The group decided to look around inside. They looked and looked and eventually found a hatch in the floor of a custodial storage closet. It led down into the cellar, so the group united for a little excitement. They fought some Rust Monsters that had taken to nesting there and feeding off of the iron gates of many storage chambers.
They investigated another storage area and Lucian detected some irregularities that led him to find a hidden room. It contained a raised, circular, stone dais with magical runes all about it. It turned out to be a device meant for teleporting great distances, but only with the proper key. In this case it seemed to be a magic scroll that would have to specific to the device itself. Answers leading to more questions, it would seem.
The young mage and the thieving rogue allowed themselves entry to Headmaster Madhukar Zambrata’s locked office. But after finding no scroll to match the curious device downstairs, they decided it would be foolish to steal anything or further disturb the Headmaster’s caged raven familiar.
The group decided to go back to the Rusted Hatchet for drinks and contemplation, and the dwarf agreed to join them for one drink. But soon they were distracted by a pair of Crestmen on the move toward the docks. An attempt to question them was made, but they were in far too big a hurry, so pursuit became the order of the moment.
The group arrived at the common docks to see several citizens in the street gawking at an area several Crestmen had cordoned off. Grimtongue nearly got into an altercation trying to offer help and get a glimpse at the situation. Instead the dwarf tried a sneakier tactic, while the rest of the group dealt with some pillaging kobolds who were taking advantage of the distraction.
Finally Grimtongue got a view of the two eviscerated corpses that the men were trying to clear from the water. He relayed this info to one of the men on perimeter guard, and received some information on the recent slayings, though not much. He revealed this to the rest of the party and Penny slowly revealed her previous conversation with a fisher who was mourning the passing of a friend, who was one such gruesome victim.
The party decided to take this information and continue to the Rusted Hatchet. Upon arrival, Penny was met with some less than desirable news and an envelope containing her last tenday’s pay of three guilders.



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