Journeying to Rusty Hatchet, and what happened there

Is first time out much from the neighborhoods which am normally roaming, but reputation therein precede me: thankfully, can walk through street with not fear of molestation. Have not abundance of fear anyway. Have heard that fair number of streetfolk find entertainment in fights of strength and cunning, for risk or gain of riches. Not for this but to test my mettle, and to seek evidence of unfair play, am enter The Rusty Hatchet.

Find much accommodation there, and enjoy (with convincing to pay for later with winnings) a few bubbly refreshment of the taste of sweet ginger. Am then asking for purveyor of entrance to competitions. No later said were these words than all of a sudden come to me small child name of Penny who possess looks far beyond average of her reckoned age, what assumed is 9? Or 8 perhaps? She remain diminutive, through illusory years, but is come into her adulthood bearing many physical gift from Sehlaura. Though but small in stature, she have presence both charming and demanding, and smile is warm welcome from the frigid nature of street. She tell me to follow her, and thou dost so in obedience. It is there that am believe she walk away from her Trodwynn-blessed inhibitions and fall under lust’s command. She tell me to undress and watch my doing, and after she wrestle me to ground! Is uncouth for me in pursuit of sanctity for to grant her access to bodily love which the laws of Gullcrest alone can allow to gift her. Am disheartened to refuse this gesture. Perhaps she can find live in shorter man, less in control of his loins, and more in service of. She tell me fight will start tonight, but go we to socialize before.

Is not long before trouble soon creep back into Rusty Hatchet from nearbys. A half-elf-kind child walk in and demand the drink to be given him. Then more ruckus occur as big man, one called Wolf, come in demand payment for his fair-earned winnings from earlier fights. Am again disappointed by the young Penny, as it seem she is epicenter of this discrepancy. Before can intervene they are give chase all over bar after Halfling, while she cowardly hide and slip loose their purse. At this time young elf-brother(his name come to me as Lucian) conjure frightening presence like of which astonish me and faze our new common foe. Mighty is man who can do this with but his brainpower. Alas, is accident, assuring, but my sword find the heart of man named Anders, and I am much distraught of the troubles my presence has caused. Should be not so clumsy with such power. Am plead forgiving me of act outside law, but the curs ask for it by also forcing debt without assistance from guard.

After much apology and sopping of blood, I turn to find Wolf try evading Penny and Lucian questions. Make check of shoulder and he fall to ground, free to be judged and punish as Trodwynn demand. It is then, after much labor, am bear my chest to fight of knuckle and palm. Am victorious, and much honor finding in subdual of foes in ring. Am soon guided to top of pedestal by my devout following of guiding principles. Never more shall lopsided fight be had in Rusty Hatchet that am seeing, as fair fighting champion makes for fair fighting ring. Much celebration thereafter of my prowess in bare-skin fighting and deeds is enjoyed along with libation by Penny and our new friend Lucian, and am force to carry young elf-man over half of all Gullcrest where to we can find home. Am walking in circle until finally am decided to find sanctuary from cold and drowsiness in Trodwynn’s temple. With clear heart and unburdened liver, am go for brisk walk around temple in morning, say prayer for guidance in according to Trodwynn, and mean to wake Lucian.

He is but very parched and am put on him hands which find healing power of late. He feel better and tell me of mysterious tome he find in old academy of magic, Britta’s School of Wonders. Apparently he students in this place and find much amazement in knowledge the book portray. As is good custom and decency, am vowing to assist in search for book. He is curious boy, am finding him endorable. We venture down street to university and am hiring man to reach to Penny(newly won quince in hand) and away he go to inform her of our location.



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