Session 10

After the journey through the forest and the cavern of the orange crystal vines, Shoren takes flight as a bird and scouted out the area. After a short flight Shoren was back with news of fire and an attack on the Great Crossing. With the news the group makes haste to the great crossing fearing Shoren had seen trolls. A local member of the military help with removing Jaramo from the hands of the group, taking him into custody. Penny and Lucian play a ruse to get travel to the town of Allview from Gullcrest. Penny plays Lucians ward. Penny causes some trouble but is quickly saved by Lucian before things get too out of hand. Keeping camp with Sir Agnor and his group, through some eavesdropping, penny learns of an item that is to be delivered to some noble upon arrival. Shoren and Lucian start a “bragging contest” to loosen the tongues of the traveling soldiers to try to find out the location of this “prize”. Shoren again becomes a weasel and hid a box from the marching soldiers. After a little trouble Penny and crew find themselves captured and are interrogated about who they are. Lucian gets thrown into prison and Shoren and Penny come to the rescue with some fast lock-picking and a timely cloud of fog.

Session 7

The party headed north towards the Rockfoot rainforest. On the first night’s travel from the great crossing they found a suitable place to camp and took turns on watch. Late in the night (or early in the morning depending on your outlook) they were besieged by a force of goblins. Fortunately their numbers proved no match for the party, and as soon as light broke they continued toward the rainforest that was now distantly in sight.
They tried their best to follow a northern direction, as they had no trail to follow. They marched well into the day when they realized that something was following them. They took a defensive position just as darts whizzed out from the brush. It was a hunting party of Lizardfolk, and they had them flanked. Among their ranks was a behemoth of their breed who swung a great, spiked club, and they referred to as ‘Grazzu’.
It looked before long that the party from Gullcrest had met their match, as two had fallen and the paladin was soon to join. But alas the druid Shoren and the mighty Visili joined forces to drive the injured Grazzu off with the last standing member of his group. With the lizardfolk in retreat, Penny and Lucian were revived and the young wizard relayed to the rest what he had heard while trying to communicate with their attackers.
It seemed that the lizardfolk were convinced that they were allies of someone by the name of “Darvo” and that their friends had been “blooded” by him, but they would not be.
The party thought that Darvo might be the mysterious caped ranger that had accompanied Sir Agnorr and his men out of the camp at the Great Crossing and on this northern path. Either way it was decided by Lucian that they should follow the lizardfolk back and try to get additional information, hopefully through peaceful means.
The party followed the trail and saw an outpost ahead with two lizardfolk guards. Lucian wanted to approach and request an audience with their leader. Visili offered to accompany him but was refused, as a paladin of civilization might be seen as a threat in these feral lands. Instead, Shoren and Lucian went ahead and negotiated a peaceful word with King Halzaar.
In a large, domed, leather tent, before a large audience, Lucian described what had brought them to the forest and the mistakes that were made along the way. The leader of the Redleaf tribe seemed calm and understanding. He explained that the tribe was especially wary since the one called Darvos had come to their lands and had struck in the night and “blooded” many of their tribe. The more King Halzaar spoke, the more Lucian believed that Darvos was not the same man as the mysterious ranger they were chasing.
Additionally, he explained that the group they had fought were recovering in the tribe’s healing tent, and that Grazzu must have seemed a terror but has the mind of a child.
The party was invited back to eat and sleep within the relative safety of the makeshift village. Visili went immediately to join Shoren in aiding the recovery of the injured lizardfolk and mend his standing with the mentally stunted Grazzu.

Session 6

Fresh from the rejoice of having Shoren returned to life, the party decided that Shoren was still not fresh enough. They coerced the reluctant man back to Penny’s house where they could gather and heat water and give the hobo a back-alley-scrubbing. Rest was had and they awoke the next day, eager to sell their cursed magical sword.
They arrived at the Golden Griffon and took a seat at the bar to await their contact. Finally Bart came in and took a seat at a table behind a low wall, after making eye contact with Penny.
Penny walked over with Visili, which gave an edge of distrust to the whole scene, since the man had been expecting her and Lucian. Penny made with the assurances and kindness while Visili played the guard hound and let it be known that no funny business would be tolerated. None was brought though and they got their thorough instructions with a price all agreed on.
At the bar, Shoren had requested some raw meat to boost his strength and stamina and was gnawing at it tenaciously. Suddenly Lucian was given a terrible cause for alarm, as Shoren complained about feeling a bit odd, then seemed to transform into and actual hound and run out the tavern doors.
Lucian gave quick pursuit, followed by Penny and Visili, and followed him to a meat and fish vendor where the dog was begging for scraps. Lucian picked him up and tried to tell everyone what he’d seen, but Penny, who’d missed the display, insisted that he was already drunk and couldn’t handle his ale at all.
Visili took the mutt and sat him on the ground and tried to address him. The dog responded with a unified bark and waggle. After trying to command the dog, it promptly took leave of it’s waste and nearly attracted undo attention from some passing crestmen.
Then some other stuff. They returned the messages to the Messenger’s office and received payment.
Then it was time to meet with Ogo the Blind. I would try to retell the details of this meeting, but I have not the bardic skills in script to truly convey the sheer terror and confusion brought on by the decision to sell an artifact through this channel.
Meanwhile, Visili and Shoren waited at the Kneeling Cockatrice with their companion’s weapons and found the atmosphere to be quite lighthearted and gay. The friendly looks from the patronage started to make Visili uneasy though, and the group became a foursome again, in time to escort the paladin away from doing something dangerous and regrettable.
The best course of action, now that the loose ends in the city were dealt with, was to supply themselves and head out on the northwestern road toward the great crossing.
The next day, they purchased some potent antitoxin’s and salves from Paltina Rollatta at the Silver Vial, thanks to Shoren’s friendly nature and knowledge. Some other odds and ends were acquired and horses were found to be far too expensive. Finally the group left with plenty of morning and daylight ahead of them.
Hunting proved tricky on the road. A most forgettable rabbit soup was consumed. Three days proved tedious and weary for the city slickers, with often only Visili’s courageous words to hold them together. But finally, as the last light of day shone orange on the clouds, they approached the sizable camp at the great crossing.
Shoren immediately went to scout the area and overhear any pertinent news, in mutt form, while the group set up a shoddy camp on the edge of the community.
Shoren found some dog lovers and a bit of hearsay, but eventually overheard some familiar names in a conversation. He sneakily changed to human form and charmed the group with some salt-of-the-earth banter. After offering a guilder or two, the men agreed to let him and his friends share in their stew pot, and move closer to the festivities.
No longer feeling like outsiders, the party slept in more comfortable surrounding that night, as well as finding some important leads about Sir Agnorr and his men. Apparently, he arrived 5 days ago, coming from the west. He was met at night, by a dark cloaked individual and both the Silver Guards and the stranger were gone before most awoke the next morning. A second hand witness claims that they supposedly headed north, off the road.

Session 5
No sympathy for the Sea Devil

Penny and Lucian awoke that day to go sell the items they had recovered from the underground caves. Not wanting to be low-balled by Fizpat, they instead decided to set up a meeting with Ogo the Blind. At the Golden Griffon public house they met with Bart Manchester, who instructed them to meet back with him tomorrow in the late afternoon. After that they consulted the local jeweler to sell him their saphires. The jeweler insisted that they were actually Blue-glass of a very convincing cut. While negotiating, a seemingly crazed man, in shark skin, who looked and smelled homeless, wandered in to sell some polished sea stones.
The man identified himself as Shoren and insisted that he had met Penny and Lucian before, in his dreams, and that they would help him lay waste to the oppressors. Shoren also gave his word on the jeweler’s honor, so Penny reluctantly sold him the gems for a price that still doesn’t sit well with her.
The two, now three, made their way to the Messenger’s office, where they informed of the remains that they’d found in the caves and Shoren showed more of his less than steady grip on sanity. For some reason, the two still didn’t seem to mind the odd drifter, and they accepted the Messenger’s offer of payment for the return of the stolen letters and any other remains that they could gather.
It ocured to the group that Vasili hadn’t met with them yet, so they went to the Temple of Trodwynn, where a priest informed them that Vasili had neither eaten or left his chambers. The priest offered to try and rouse him, and when Vasili heard that his friends had come for him, he reluctantly agreed to ready himself and meet them. The priest quickly ran to prepare him some food.
The party informed the paladin of the task laid out before them, and after resisting the notion of reentering the caves, he finally agreed to lead them and that every one of them was under his sworn protection.
This would prove to be an emotionally devastating decision.
They first attempted to reenter the caves through the passage by the sea, but found it collapsed.
They then realized that they did know of one other way into the caves, hoping it would be the same structure as the one previously explored. They all crept into the basement of the House of Mystara and lowered a rope into the cavern that connected to the water pump.
Through some swimming and navigating through sounds, the party came across a waiting den of Sea Devils!
The battle was hard fought, Vasili was the first to fall, with the party facing attacks from two directions. A large, four armed Sea Devil stood toward the back of one cavern, instructing his minions. A shark was attacking those in the water, who had to hold back the beast’s razor-like maw, while several more of the Sea Devils aided the push. Finally Vasili was stabilized and the fight took a turn for the better, but not before poor Shoren had fallen to his wounds.
The party succeeded, and recovered the Messages, but Shoren lay dead.
They all mourned, but finally Penny questioned “why it had to be this way”. Just then, quick as a spark, Vasili picked up the fallen man and ordered everyone back to the rope they had descended. They hoisted him up and charged to the Temple of Trodwynn.
Visili confronted Cardinal Sampsarik, pleaded with him, tears ran down Penny’s cheeks. Finally, he nodded and asked that Shoren be moved to a nearby, secluded chamber.
The rest of the party waited in the garden, time slowed with anticipation and fears for the worst. But alas, Shoren limped out, aided by two priests.
“It’s a miracle. I’m alive!” Shoren shouted.
And that’s the story of Easter, boys and girls.
Also, Lucian found an important letter, that he pocketed, addressed to a commander of the Silver Guard c/o his school, from a mysterious someone named McGuffen.

Tragedy in caves of Gullcrest

Am heartbroken. Am broken, pitiful man. It is with most sadness I say that my beloved friend, priest of Gramstinn, Grimtongue is gone forever: lost, undoubtedly searching for His Holy Anvil.

Is my fault.

Is all my fault.

Why could not convince friends to find alternate way of investigation? Could not we work with the Gullcrest constables to seek out these demons of the water? If cannot save the life of a sturdy, strong dwarf with magics beyond belief, what good is Visili? None. Further evidenced is when Little One go under for unseen treasure, she come back not breathing. Is this fate of all that surround me? What if am not strong enough to save even more? What if the guiding laws of Trodwynn are unseen to me? All will be lost, and squarely on these shoulders goes punishment. Am ready for such responsible?

After this tragedy, I feel much disconnected from Trodwynn. Am hoping he still recognize my prayer when I return to my temple. Without his guidance, am in dark. Perhaps when return, can find answer in prayer.

Besides my bungling to protection my friends, at least am prowess in the martial art. When we are attacked by water demons after bring back Penny with healing touch, are not match for The Gavel which have been gifted me by Trodwynn. Crushed by the lead head which make so mighty, they are surely afraid to attack for a while, am thinking.

My thought is maybe not so correct. Have seemed to only anger these sea beasts. After devastating one in gilled chest, they attack again in second cave, this time in greater number. After contemplation of the orders of Trodwynn, I concentrate all my thoughts on his symbol on my finger, and in my sight its golden band is surrounded by purple glow. As I speak, am feel an energy never known to me but before I find burned words on The Gavel in my quarters at temple. Am determined, and focus my holy power on the greater of the four sea beasts, one that have attacked at the cleric. Am say unto him(but somehow from my throat is not the speaking)…


…and am not remembering say it, but more someone else control my voice. What wonder! He do as voice say, and he is out from picture from then, only after the dwarf get a good smack on him. Again am compelled by outside force as am demanding other demon fight only me, and he is soon downed. The ring on hand is cold and calming, and still I see faint purple outline as am strike them down. Is beauty beyond what have ever seen. We take minute to reflect, as am amazed at the power placed in mine hand.

Am saddening to keep the writing, as it is here my good friend is fallen. Thought him the mightier of my new companions, but he is decimated by another sea devil. Why could not I be next to him? Were I at his side, could have protected, am knowing. This is a scarring memory, forevermore. Am going to destroy his enemy, and soon demon is down. Am considering Grimtongue’s beautiful beard, and his powerful hammer. It is fault of me that he is gone. Never will he be forgotten.

Session 4

The party ventures forward in to the depths of the caves, occasionally having to send a powerful swimmer ahead to make sure that submerged sections of tunnel do indeed reemerge to pockets of air. Poking around blindly, for the most part, they weaved through the network.
Upon seeing a cavern raised well above the water level, the group swam upon the shore but were soon surprised by larger kin of the small crabs that littered the rocky floor. Grimtongue was soon overcome, as the party tried to distract from the crab’s fallen meal with devastating blows. In the end, it was too much for the body of the dwarf, who had many times saved the life of the other party members.
Other bodies were found, Messengers, that the crabs had been feeding on. They looked as though they had been killed and spent several days (at least) bloating and rotting in the seawater. Their bags were nowhere to be found in this area though.
The party took Grimtongue’s shield, to return to the temple, and continued through the caves. One chamber with a pipe running from the ceiling into the deep water, too difficult for anyone to climb. Another assending path was discovered, which grew thinner and thinner, where the group fended off some sort of gelatinous beast that emitted powerful digestive acid.
They squeezed their way through the thin path and found a small nook littered with the bones of several humans or humanoids. Among them was discovered a curious short blade. The item was retrieved and the distraught Visili insisted that they return to the surface, lest they all call these caves their mausoleum as well.
The party, sans the deceased Grimtongue, returned the dwarf’s shield to the temple, where their questions about the swords recovered on their trip were met with an answer implying that a wizard would know better their origins.
At Britta’s House of Wonders, they payed a staff member to perform the appropriate ritual to identify the exact nature of the weapons. One was a cursed item that fed on the life of the wielder to never miss it’s mark. The other identified itself as “Lash” and said it would bestow it’s abilities, resembling a nimble whip, to one attuned to it.
Visili retired in a depressed, mournful state. But Lucian went with Penny back to her small house, where they drank to Grimtongue’s honor and Penny trained with her newly acquired weapon.

What a hangover!

OOOOHHHH ma’ma! I am in a state today! I feel like i died and came back to life, I think I need to take it easy on the booze for a while.
The fella’s and I went out looking for some info on Luci’s book and for a ship or crew to help take us to get some sea devils or something(not sure they are real tho), I remember going to the Green Kraken and slugging down a few Jollytowns. The next thing I know I was in the toilet changing into my “Dwarf Disguise-Togglethor Anviliron”. I tried to liven up the place but I think my “I’ll shit on your wifes chest” comment took things too far. A few of the lads came at me and from what Grimtounge has told me I sloshed a pint at the group and almost got away. They managed to get me headed to the door but through the add of my partners, I was loosed and we managed to clear out of the Kraken. After a little recovery at the Temple of Gramstone, we set off to the office of Prethnor, a ship that could take care of what we were seeking! But the office was a dead end, a blow hard of a man gave us the run around and some story of more caves under the city. Yeah everyone knows you get laundry water from the caves. So we left that place and wondered over to the docks where were rented a boat. The group figured that we could just find these caves our selves and after a little looking we did find some. Underwater. Lucian and I dove down with a rope to secure the boat and lead the rest of the guys down to us. After we had all gotten to the entrance for the cave on the dry side Grimtounge informed us of another smaller cave that we had overlooked, with no delay I dove in! “Haha, the treasure will be mine!” or so I thought. I swam through the small cave and saw something shiny. A sword! As I grab for the beauty this gnarly gross green skeleton starts coming at me. I dodge most of the attacks and land a few of my own, but when i tried to take the creatures sword and flee some how he managed to knock me out. When I came to, the group was a little shaken and told me the rest of the story, our cleric had smote the thing with a thunderous hammer blow! Still kind of out of my senses I urged the group to pressed on. With almost no delay we were set upon by 2 sea creatures, I’m not saying those drunks and the tells of sea devils are true but these things were mean! Oh yeah, there was a shark too, in a tiny cave, just waiting for some food. The men handled the beasts with relative ease. Feeding the hungry animal as they dispatched the sea creatures, I tried my best to aid the group. After all was said and done Lucian took a look at the sword I found and told me it was called “Ever-Striking” I hope it lives up to its name, and I hope I can get back home to show it off, I don’t want to be one of those sad saps that dies in a cave.

I need to get out of these soggy clothes and into my soft bed!

Session 3

The party decides to leave the Rusted Hatchet, after Penny is let go, and take their business to another establishment. The Green Kraken, being an honest inn of seamen and salt of the earth types, seemed like a great place.
Grimmtongue went to seeking ship connections, as he was convinced that a mission on the high seas was in order. Lucian stuck close to Visili and both of them tried to keep their eyes open and their mouths shut. Penny imbibed and shortly seemed to disappear.
Grimmtongue found a good connection to one of the more reputable ships, through much boasting from all around. He followed the man to the ship’s dock office. Visili and Lucian followed behind the two, keeping a safe distance.
Grimtongue made good relations with the Captain of ship Prethnor, but since he dies soon, there’s no point in writing down that NPC’s name. Regardless, the Captain informs that these seem to be local troubles and seafaring seems an unnecessary route.
Meanwhile at the Green Kraken, Penny gets drunk and disguises herself as a dwarf who proceeds to graphically insult everyone and provoke a fight in which she’s quite outnumbered. The rest of the party shows up in time to see penny fall unconscious. Some magical healing is performed and the group leaves before the Crestmen show up.
After a night of rest at the temple to Gramstinn, the party rents a row boat and searches for cave entrances near where the murder victims were spotted. Eventually they find one.
They reach underground caves, Penny swims back to leave no stone unturned, awakes a skeleton, almost dies, Grimtongue saves her, Penny takes a fine enchanted sword.
They are assaulted by amphibious fish-men, but prevail.

Journeying to Rusty Hatchet, and what happened there

Is first time out much from the neighborhoods which am normally roaming, but reputation therein precede me: thankfully, can walk through street with not fear of molestation. Have not abundance of fear anyway. Have heard that fair number of streetfolk find entertainment in fights of strength and cunning, for risk or gain of riches. Not for this but to test my mettle, and to seek evidence of unfair play, am enter The Rusty Hatchet.

Find much accommodation there, and enjoy (with convincing to pay for later with winnings) a few bubbly refreshment of the taste of sweet ginger. Am then asking for purveyor of entrance to competitions. No later said were these words than all of a sudden come to me small child name of Penny who possess looks far beyond average of her reckoned age, what assumed is 9? Or 8 perhaps? She remain diminutive, through illusory years, but is come into her adulthood bearing many physical gift from Sehlaura. Though but small in stature, she have presence both charming and demanding, and smile is warm welcome from the frigid nature of street. She tell me to follow her, and thou dost so in obedience. It is there that am believe she walk away from her Trodwynn-blessed inhibitions and fall under lust’s command. She tell me to undress and watch my doing, and after she wrestle me to ground! Is uncouth for me in pursuit of sanctity for to grant her access to bodily love which the laws of Gullcrest alone can allow to gift her. Am disheartened to refuse this gesture. Perhaps she can find live in shorter man, less in control of his loins, and more in service of. She tell me fight will start tonight, but go we to socialize before.

Is not long before trouble soon creep back into Rusty Hatchet from nearbys. A half-elf-kind child walk in and demand the drink to be given him. Then more ruckus occur as big man, one called Wolf, come in demand payment for his fair-earned winnings from earlier fights. Am again disappointed by the young Penny, as it seem she is epicenter of this discrepancy. Before can intervene they are give chase all over bar after Halfling, while she cowardly hide and slip loose their purse. At this time young elf-brother(his name come to me as Lucian) conjure frightening presence like of which astonish me and faze our new common foe. Mighty is man who can do this with but his brainpower. Alas, is accident, assuring, but my sword find the heart of man named Anders, and I am much distraught of the troubles my presence has caused. Should be not so clumsy with such power. Am plead forgiving me of act outside law, but the curs ask for it by also forcing debt without assistance from guard.

After much apology and sopping of blood, I turn to find Wolf try evading Penny and Lucian questions. Make check of shoulder and he fall to ground, free to be judged and punish as Trodwynn demand. It is then, after much labor, am bear my chest to fight of knuckle and palm. Am victorious, and much honor finding in subdual of foes in ring. Am soon guided to top of pedestal by my devout following of guiding principles. Never more shall lopsided fight be had in Rusty Hatchet that am seeing, as fair fighting champion makes for fair fighting ring. Much celebration thereafter of my prowess in bare-skin fighting and deeds is enjoyed along with libation by Penny and our new friend Lucian, and am force to carry young elf-man over half of all Gullcrest where to we can find home. Am walking in circle until finally am decided to find sanctuary from cold and drowsiness in Trodwynn’s temple. With clear heart and unburdened liver, am go for brisk walk around temple in morning, say prayer for guidance in according to Trodwynn, and mean to wake Lucian.

He is but very parched and am put on him hands which find healing power of late. He feel better and tell me of mysterious tome he find in old academy of magic, Britta’s School of Wonders. Apparently he students in this place and find much amazement in knowledge the book portray. As is good custom and decency, am vowing to assist in search for book. He is curious boy, am finding him endorable. We venture down street to university and am hiring man to reach to Penny(newly won quince in hand) and away he go to inform her of our location.

Session 2
"A Lost Library Book" Pt.2

Once Penny arrived, Lucian filled her in on their dilemma. Penny assuredly offered to get the cellar doors open but found that the lock was located on the inside.
It was then that a dwarf showed up and informed the group that this was not the entrance to the nearest tavern. Then there was some engaging of the School’s Headmaster, while the two holy men, Vasili and Grimtongue, spoke of mutual affairs. Penny did a thorough and secretive search of the Headmaster’s pockets but found no secret cellar key.
The group decided to look around inside. They looked and looked and eventually found a hatch in the floor of a custodial storage closet. It led down into the cellar, so the group united for a little excitement. They fought some Rust Monsters that had taken to nesting there and feeding off of the iron gates of many storage chambers.
They investigated another storage area and Lucian detected some irregularities that led him to find a hidden room. It contained a raised, circular, stone dais with magical runes all about it. It turned out to be a device meant for teleporting great distances, but only with the proper key. In this case it seemed to be a magic scroll that would have to specific to the device itself. Answers leading to more questions, it would seem.
The young mage and the thieving rogue allowed themselves entry to Headmaster Madhukar Zambrata’s locked office. But after finding no scroll to match the curious device downstairs, they decided it would be foolish to steal anything or further disturb the Headmaster’s caged raven familiar.
The group decided to go back to the Rusted Hatchet for drinks and contemplation, and the dwarf agreed to join them for one drink. But soon they were distracted by a pair of Crestmen on the move toward the docks. An attempt to question them was made, but they were in far too big a hurry, so pursuit became the order of the moment.
The group arrived at the common docks to see several citizens in the street gawking at an area several Crestmen had cordoned off. Grimtongue nearly got into an altercation trying to offer help and get a glimpse at the situation. Instead the dwarf tried a sneakier tactic, while the rest of the group dealt with some pillaging kobolds who were taking advantage of the distraction.
Finally Grimtongue got a view of the two eviscerated corpses that the men were trying to clear from the water. He relayed this info to one of the men on perimeter guard, and received some information on the recent slayings, though not much. He revealed this to the rest of the party and Penny slowly revealed her previous conversation with a fisher who was mourning the passing of a friend, who was one such gruesome victim.
The party decided to take this information and continue to the Rusted Hatchet. Upon arrival, Penny was met with some less than desirable news and an envelope containing her last tenday’s pay of three guilders.


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